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Kinn is a global branded designer and marketer of pet health & wellness products. At Kinn, we believe that Healthier Pets Create Stronger Bonds™ We have a vision of a healthier world where all pets and their people have great relationships. Our values are innovation, sustainability, and trust. Kinn products are designed in collaboration with veterinarians in California, and provide superior solutions to meaningful animal health problems. Our amazing team focuses on delighting our customers, which include pet professionals, pet parents, and the retailers and/or distributors who service their needs in North America, Asia, and Europe. Kinn is a proud member of IBPSA, Pet Sustainability Coalition, and American Pet Products Association. Our best selling product is Kinn Kleanbowl and provides IBPSA members the following benefits: Healthier Pet Guests: Kleanbowl eliminates germs and cross contamination by assigning wipe-clean frames to each pet during their stay. Recycling Kleanbowl Nourish-Pet Refills eliminates 100% of bacteria and viruses, including those dishwashers (do NOT get hot enough) and bleach leave behind, e.g. Salmonella. Pets smell the germ-free food or water and: • Drink cleaner water, and more of it for better hydration • Eat more of their food for better nutrition. (check out pet parent videos on ) • Reduced oral plaque, as less bacteria enters the mouth, and extra water washes away plaque-forming bacteria before it sticks to tooth enamel. Healthier oral wellness can add up to four years to a pet’s life. • Pets with compromised immune systems have a reduced risk of bacteria-caused illness • Better hydrated and well-fed pet guests may experience less stress Healthier Planet: Recycling Kleanbowl sugarcane fiber Refills into the paper stream creates LESS WASTE than dishwashers by saving electricity, greenhouse gases, and virgin paper materials. For more details, please see Healthier Profits: Kleanbowl delivers healthier profits by reducing labor time and costs by recycling Refills for water and food. Pet professionals can instantly estimate the Kleanbowl cost savings and environmental benefits for their facilities at For additional pet professional information, please visit Incremental Retail Profits: Retail packaged Kleanbowl products provide incremental, full-margin, recurring revenue sales. Your customers will have another reason to return to your business more often to buy Kleanbowl Nourish-Pet Refills. For more retail information please see and How to Get Started?: You can purchase a Deluxe Test Kit, or order bulk Kleanbowl frames and Refills either on or directly from Kinn; both have a 90-day guarantee. Contact us at or or call/text 8:00am – 5:00pm (USA Pacific Time) at 831-247-7932.



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