Wagtown, nonprofit founded by Beth Cherryholmes Miller - the #1 dog friendliness expert





Wagtown founder Beth Miller, the #1 dog friendly expert in the US.


Author Beth Cherryholmes Miller, winner of AKC Family Dog Book of the Year
Beth Cherryholmes Miller and her dog Sesto along the first Wagtown Dog Trail
Neighborhood Volunteer Work Day for a new dog park build guided by Beth Miller of Wagtown.
Grant award to Wagtown for free curriculum from US Conference of Mayors and MARS Petcare
Animal welfare advocacy marketing communication support kit from Wagtown
Wagtown founder and leading dog friendliness expert, Beth Miller, testifies regarding dog-centric legislation in Ohio.
Business support guide from Wagtown for new authorization of dogs on restaurant and bar patios.
Wagtown founder and top dog friendliness expert Beth Miller interviews dog park users in New York City, NY.
Wagtown campaign about responsible and enriching outings with your dog.
Partnership with Scouts of America for their Eagle Scout projects to paint the Wagtown Dog Trail.
Entry for Wagtown’s Dog Scavenger Hunt event
Wagtown founder Beth Miller with artists Jon Daugherty and Mike Elsass next to the first Wagtown Barking Spot installation
Wagtown services and leadership initiatives to increase genuine dog friendliness as a community vibrancy booster.
Pro tips from Wagtown for outdoor adventures with your dog.
Wagtown founder Beth Miller works with parks and recreation leaders to boost safe dog-friendly practices and programs.
Event promotion for Wagtown Pups on Patios responsible dining with dogs education event.
Beth Cherryholmes Miller
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